Masayuki Koitabashi Solo Exhibition “Sojo”
International Shipping

11 p.m. June 3 to 9, 2024 (JST)


Masayuki Koitabashi Solo Exhibition “Sojo”<br>International Shipping

Masayuki Koitabashi Solo Exhibition “Sojo”
International Shipping

11 p.m. June 3 to 9, 2024 (JST)

We will be accepting international shipments of works exhibited at “Sojo” from June 3 to June 9, 2024.

Orders are accepted through our email address.
【 Detailed of the artworks can be viewed at our online store( The online store will show “sold out” due to the system. Please contact us by e-mail for the current stock status. 】

・Please read the following information if you wish to purchase. Then, please fill out the form and send it to us by e-mail. → We do not accept orders by phone or Instagram DM.
・Payment must be made in advance by credit card via the pay online.
・All artworks are one-of-a-kind. First come first serve.
・Artworks will be shipped sequentially from late July 2024.
・Multiple purchases are also possible. Please note that shipping costs will be charged for each of them.
・Once the order has been accepted, no cancellations or refunds will be made. Please check the contents carefully before sending an e-mail.
・We will deliver via EMS (Express Mail Service) of the Japan Post Office. Other delivery methods are not available upon request.
・Please email( if you have any additional inquiries and we'd be happy to help.

◆ How to order.
1) Select your desired artwork from the “◆ List of Artworks”. You can see the details of the artworks in our online store.  →Online Store
2) Fill in the “◆ Required Information” and send us your order by e-mail.(
3) We will send you the URL for online payment as soon as we confirm the details. Please make your payment by the due date.
4) Once we confirm your payment, we will send you a “Purchase Receipt Complete” e-mail.
 This email will be considered acceptance complete.
5) Artworks will be shipped sequentially from late July 2024.

Please note that we respond to each email one by one, so it may take us a few days to reply.
If you do not receive a reply within a week after sending the e-mail, please contact us again.

◆ Required Information.
・Your name :
・Delivery address:
・Phone number:
・Name of the work you wish to purchase ( e.g./ Sojo.3 )

◆ Shipping charges ( ¥JPY )
Shipping charges vary depending on the size and weight of the artwork, as well as the country/region.
The following is a guideline, so please contact us by e-mail for more details.

Zone 1 China, Korea, Taiwan >> About ¥3,000~¥7,000
Zone 2 Asia (excluding China, Korea, Taiwan) >> About ¥4,000~¥9,000
Zone 3 Oceania, Canada, Mexico, Middle East, Europe >> About ¥6,000~¥14,000
Zone 4 U.S. (including Guam and other U.S. territories) >> About ¥7,000~¥16,000
Zone 5 Central and South America (excluding Mexico), Africa >> About ¥7,000~¥18,000

◆ Customs Clearance Procedures
Shipments shipped outside of Japan may be subject to import taxes, duties, and fees of the country of delivery in addition to shipping charges.
Additional charges for customs clearance procedures must be paid by the recipient.
Please note that we are unable to inform you of any additional charges in advance or change the charges.
Customs clearance requirements vary widely from country to country, so please contact your local customs office for more information.

◆ About the exhibition “Sojo”
In April, we held a solo exhibition of Masayuki Koitabashi, who started his career as a printmaker but has continued to create works with expressions outside the boundaries of printmaking.
“Sojo(層状)” means “Layers”. He has been fascinated by the possibilities of washi(=Japanese paper) and the beauty of its layers, and at this exhibition, he presented truly layered three-dimensional works, such as applying persimmon tannin to layers of washi or soaking printed paper in natural dyes and then dyeing it.The transformation of his works themselves can be seen as seamless, as he has never left the support of Japanese paper, which he has been working on since the beginning of his career, but his more thoughtful expression is also apparent. What is interesting about Masayuki Koitabashi is that he is not afraid to change his approach to realize his images. Please take a look at the days when he faces paper as if he were no longer a researcher experimenting with it, and the ongoing new frontiers he is challenging in the process.

◆ About Masayuki Koitabashi
He is an artist who started his career as a printmaker in 2010. He has been living and working in Kyoto since 2020. While his signature prints are circular prints, in recent years he has been working with a variety of shapes and materials to create works that are not limited to the flat surface, while still using printmaking as one of his methods of expression.

◆ List of Artworks ↓

  • Masayuki Koitabashi Solo Exhibition “Sojo”<br>International Shipping
  • Masayuki Koitabashi Solo Exhibition “Sojo”<br>International Shipping
  • Masayuki Koitabashi Solo Exhibition “Sojo”<br>International Shipping
  • Masayuki Koitabashi Solo Exhibition “Sojo”<br>International Shipping

小板橋 雅之 展「層状」海外発送について



小板橋 雅之 展「層状」海外発送について

小板橋 雅之 展「層状」海外発送について


2024/6/3(月)〜6/9(日)まで、小板橋 雅之 展「層状」 に出展された一部作品の海外発送を承ります。

( 上記期間中、オンラインストアではシステムの都合上「sold out」と表示されます。在庫状況はメールにてお問い合わせください。)


◆ ご注文方法
1) 「◆ 作品リスト」からご希望の作品をお選びください。作品の詳細はオンラインストアでご覧いただけます。(
2) 「◆ 必要事項」をご記入の上、メール(をお送りください。
3) 内容を確認次第、オンライン決済用のURLをお送りいたします。期日までにご入金ください。
4) ご入金確認後、「購入受付完了」メールをお送りいたします。こちらもって注文受付完了とさせていただきます。
5) 作品は2024年7月下旬より順次発送いたします。

※ メールの返信は1通ずつ行いますので、お時間をいただく場合がございます。
※ 1週間以内に返信がない場合は、お手数をおかけいたしますが再度ご連絡ください。

◆ 必要事項

◆ 送料について

第1地帯 / 中国・韓国・台湾 >> 3,000円~7,000円程度
第2地帯 / アジア(中国、韓国、台湾を除く) >> 4,000円~9,000円程度
第3地帯 / オセアニア、カナダ、メキシコ、中東、ヨーロッパ >> 約6,000円~14,000円
第4地帯 / 米国(グアム等米国領土を含む) >> 7,000円~16,000円程度
第5地帯 / 中南米(メキシコを除く)、アフリカ >> 7,000円~18,000円程度

◆ 通関手続きについて

◆ 作品リスト

  • 小板橋 雅之 展「層状」海外発送について
  • 小板橋 雅之 展「層状」海外発送について
  • 小板橋 雅之 展「層状」海外発送について
  • 小板橋 雅之 展「層状」海外発送について